The Recent Stock Market Correction

When does too much good news in the economy become bad news for the financial markets?           The answer came a couple Fridays ago. The latest report on jobs, unemployment and wages was hotter than a summer in Orlando. And U.S. stocks tanked.           The reason: fears of inflation. This comprises rising prices, costs, etc.... Continue Reading →

Northeast Florida Real Estate (HOT)- Nassau County Among Top 100 Fastest-Growing Counties in the U.S.

 Real estate in Northeast Florida is as hot as a typical July afternoon -- with heated demand and sizzling prices in many cases and in most places.                       "It is a hot market," says John Holbrook, an agent with Berkshire Hathaway Chaplin Williams Realty on Amelia Island.

Local Tax Initiatives: City of Fernandina Beach, FL

Local officials are seeing dollar signs -- as tax receipts erupt like an oil gusher from rising property values around Nassau County.                               And government types are inclined to find creative ways to spend these newfound dollars. Like on wasteful projects... Continue Reading →

Illinois too Broke to Pay Lottery

If you wanted to play the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery games in Illinois last week, you were out of luck. The beleaguered state cancelled the high-stakes games. Even if you had played and won, you would have still been out of luck, however -- Illinois could not pay your winnings. The state is that... Continue Reading →

The Golden Gate Bridge Would Take 3X Longer to Build Today

It took four years to build the Golden Gate Bridge, along with 1.2 million steel rivets and 80,000 miles of wire inside the suspension cables. The famous bridge was completed in 1937, strung together by enough wire to stretch across the U.S. nearly 30 times. But how long would it take to complete a similar... Continue Reading →

Remembering The Pulse Massacre : Orlando, FL

Three loud pops, in succession like gunshots, riddled the muggy air in downtown Orlando Tuesday night. People walking on South Orange Street scurried for cover. Workers in a pizza shop raced for the kitchen or ducked behind the counter. There was brief chaos, confusion. I saw it personally. Fortunately, it was false alarm. The pops... Continue Reading →

No Fake News Here – Unlike Other Sources

Harvard University is hardly considered a bastion of conservatism. So when a Harvard study finds that 80 percent of the national media coverage of President Donald Trump has been negative, it resonates like a trending tweet. The study looked into political coverage in major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post, and... Continue Reading →

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