No Fake News Here – Unlike Other Sources

Harvard University is hardly considered a bastion of conservatism. So when a Harvard study finds that 80 percent of the national media coverage of President Donald Trump has been negative, it resonates like a trending tweet. The study looked into political coverage in major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post, and... Continue Reading →

Fernandina Beach Pier: Post Hurricane Matthew

The long metal legs appear out of place next to the wooden pilings of the landmark pier at Amelia By the Sea condominiums. The metal legs, three of them, are temporary, serving as a crutch to help rebuild 90 feet of the pier -- ravaged by Hurricane Matthew. These legs will then walk, and ultimately... Continue Reading →

Opinions on James Comey

Most Americans cannot name a former FBI director -- except possibly J. Edgar Hoover. And then there's James Comey. Comey has emerged a household name synonymous with political controversy. And he is now the former FBI director, after being dismissed from his lofty position by President Donald Trump this week. Comey captivated the country when... Continue Reading →

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