Illinois too Broke to Pay Lottery

If you wanted to play the Powerball or Mega Millions lottery games in Illinois last week, you were out of luck. The beleaguered state cancelled the high-stakes games. Even if you had played and won, you would have still been out of luck, however -- Illinois could not pay your winnings. The state is that... Continue Reading →

Arthur Laffer – Medicine and Tech

Arthur Laffer is laughing, with giddiness. He is truly tickled. You see, the economic advisor to former President Ronald Reagan is ecstatic over progress he sees in technology, in medicine, in the overall standard of living in America. "It's just astounding what has happened," Laffer says. "I'm just awfully impressed and pleased by the progress."... Continue Reading →

Jags Cheerleaders:HOT Jags Football: NOT

When the Jacksonville Jaguars lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Jan. 1, it marked the end of a disappointing season. But for Jaguars' cheerleader Kari Haynes, it marked the end of a fabulous career. Hayes completed her fifth and final year as a Jaguars cheerleader this season, at age 25. By team rules, cheerleaders can... Continue Reading →

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